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Semester & Summer Study Abroad Programs

The School for Field Studies (SFS) semester and summer programs are high-quality interdisciplinary academic, undergraduate-level programs that are accredited by the University of Minnesota. SFS "classrooms" include coral reefs, rainforests, and African savannas; the focus of our research ranges from wildlife conservation to rainforest restoration. Click here to read real-time updates on student life, academics, and research on the News From The Field Blog

Our semester study abroad and summer college study abroad programs are designed to teach students about critical local environmental problems and train them to do field research that will help address these problems. Our faculty provide core lectures needed to understand the content areas pertinent to case study and research questions. Field exercises complement classroom lectures and help students to develop skills needed for Directed Research projects.

The academic and research agenda at each center is driven by a Strategic Research Plan, established by SFS staff and local community leaders.

* Program dates below are subject to change