SFS Research


Every five years, SFS Centers develop research plans to help identify and investigate critical environmental problems in the regions in which we operate.

The Five Year Research Plan (5YRP) is the backbone of our operations in the field, providing a roadmap for the direction of student coursework and research projects, and how such courses and research fit into the bigger picture of natural resource management. It is established by SFS staff in collaboration with local community leaders, representatives from government, research and academic institutions, non-profits, local land owners, and other stakeholders.

The Five Year Research Plan is the backbone of our operations in the field        

The 5YRP presents an overarching research question, summarizing a clearly defined research agenda and timeline of activities. SFS students choose which of the ongoing, faculty-led field research projects, identified by the 5YRP, they would like to pursue at SFS. Each student develops a research question, collects and analyzes field data, writes up their results in a scientific paper, and presents to the local community and other stakeholders. This enables students to help the SFS Center and local community to achieve their long-term research objectives.

One component of the SFS mission is to contribute to the scientific community through the dissemination of research results through peer-reviewed publications and presentations at professional meetings. Our research is designed to be rigorous, accurate, relevant, and able to hold up to peer review. We invite you to read and reference the publications emerging from the research activities at our five field stations in recent years. Click here to download the list of SFS Publications