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Accepted Students

Congratulations! You are about to join the ranks of more than 16,500 SFS alumni who have made a meaningful contribution to real world environmental problem solving. The Admissions Office will do everything possible to help you prepare for your program. However, the most important person in your preparation is you! Start now, work steadily, and before you know it you'll feel confident that you're ready to go.



Most post-acceptance paperwork can be completed online through your Infosnap account or via email. If you need to submit any forms via regular mail, all Admissions documents should be sent to:

The School for Field Studies
100 Cummings Center, Suite 534-G
Beverly, MA 01915



All Medical paperwork should be submitted by:

Fax (preferred): 978-232-1254 "Attn: Safety Department"


The School for Field Studies
Attn. Safety Department
100 Cummings Center, Suite 534-G
Beverly, MA 01915


Step 1: Tuition Deposit, Program Costs, and Financial Aid

The student or home school must submit the Program Commitment Deposit ($500 for semester programs/$250 for summer programs) within 10 business days of acceptance in order to secure a place in the program. Please check the billing policy information included in your acceptance email from your Admissions Counselor. Payment can be made using a credit card by calling Joan Cluster, Staff Accountant, at 978-219-5109 or by mailing a check made out to "The School for Field Studies" to the following address:

Joan Cluster
The School for Field Studies
100 Cummings Center, Suite 534-G
Beverly, MA 01915


Students are not considered enrolled in the program and financial aid applications will not be reviewed until this deposit is received by SFS. If your home school will pay this deposit for you, we will send an invoice to your home school for the deposit amount. Your acceptance email will indicate who is responsible for making this payment to SFS. If you or your home school have any questions about the deposit, please contact us.

All students are welcome to apply for SFS need-based financial aid. We strongly encourage students to submit this aid application along with their program application, but if you have not done so, please apply as soon as possible. Aid applications will be reviewed once students are accepted and the Program Commitment Deposit is paid. The schedule for application review is outlined below. Please see the Financial Aid section of the website for more details and to download an application. If necessary, consult with the appropriate office on your campus regarding special billing procedures and financial aid transfer. Program costs and travel/personal expenses are important to consider as you prepare for your program. Please review the Program Costs and Billing and Refund policies carefully.


Aid Application Review Schedule

Applications for SFS need-based financial aid are reviewed in batches twice per month, starting on the dates listed below (check which applies to your session). Early submissions are encouraged as aid is subject to the availability of funds.

SFS Summer Programs: Review begins February 1st

SFS Fall Programs: Review begins April 1st

SFS Spring Programs: Review begins September 1st


SFS Billing Timeline and Deadlines

The deadlines for tuition, room & board payments due to SFS are as follows:

SFS Summer I or Combined: April 1st

SFS Summer II: April 30th

SFS Fall Programs: June 1st

SFS Spring Programs: October 30th

Students will receive an invoice from our billing department about 30 days prior to these deadlines via mail or email. You will not be allowed to participate in the program with an outstanding tuition balance. For applicants who apply after these deadlines, tuition is due upon receipt of the invoice.

Please note that these are not application deadlines and we will work with students on an individual basis if they apply to a session after these dates have passed.


Step 2: Post-Acceptance Online Process

This process includes the following forms:

  • Terms and Regulations Contract
  • Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks Agreement
  • FERPA Notice and Consent Form
  • Passport Information
  • SCUBA/Snorkel Form (Turks & Caicos Islands students only)

Click here to fill out the online post-acceptance forms. These forms need immediate and responsible action on your part. Please review them and provide your electronic signature and submit electronically. Please see Step 3, below, for post-acceptance paperwork deadlines. Your acceptance is contingent upon receipt and approval of these forms; otherwise you may forfeit your space. Read and complete them carefully. By signing and submitting these forms you are acknowledging that you have read the appropriate Field Preparation Guide and Program Manual.

If you are unable to complete this process online, you may download the PDF versions of the forms (in "Download Resources" section, right), print them out to complete them by hand, and return them via fax or mail.


Step 3: Medical Approval Process

All admissions decisions are granted contingent on medical approval. It is important that you understand what is required of you in the Medical Approval Process. Please read this information thoroughly.


Post Acceptance and Medical Paperwork Deadlines

Please note the deadline that applies to you below:

SFS Summer I or Combined: April 15th

SFS Summer II: May 15th

SFS Fall Programs: June 15th

SFS Spring Programs: November 15th

**Please note that these are not application deadlines – if you apply for a program after the paperwork deadline has passed for the session and you are accepted, you will work closely with the SFS Admissions, Safety, and Finance Departments to promptly submit the required forms and payments. If you plan to apply close to the start of an SFS session, be aware that forms, information, and payment may be due immediately upon acceptance. Again, we strongly encourage students to plan ahead and apply early for their SFS program!


Step 4: Program Information

Your acceptance email contains a link to important pre-departure information and forms specific to your program. Please contact your Admissions Counselor if you have not received this link.