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SFS and Your Home School

In the past five years, SFS has hosted students from over 350 U.S.-based colleges and universities. Most students are able to transfer credit for their participation; however, the final decision regarding credit and grade transfer rests with your home institution. Therefore, you should check with your advisor or registrar when applying to our programs to learn how your SFS course work will be applicable for credit in your degree program.

SFS participants are registered at and receive transcripts from the University of Minnesota, our School of Record. The only exceptions are students from SFS Affiliate schools, who typically receive credit directly from their home institutions. Click here for a list of current affiliated institutions.

SFS courses are approved and assigned course numbers by the University of Minnesota. Our semester programs in Australia and Turks & Caicos Islands include four courses and carry a total of 16 semester-hour credits in biology or environmental studies. Our semester programs in the Cambodian, Bhutan, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, and Tanzania carry 18 semester-hour credits in biology, environmental studies, and language.

Summer courses carry four semester-hour credits in environmental studies, except for our Bhutan program, which offers six credits. Our summer sessions (Bhutan excluded) are designed to be taken either individually for four credits or back-to-back for eight credits.

Participants receive an official transcript from the University of Minnesota approximately six to eight weeks after the conclusion of the program for delivery to the office responsible for credit transfer at their home institutions.

If you have questions regarding credit transfer, please call the SFS Admissions Office (800.989.4418). In most instances, we can direct you to someone on your campus familiar with credit transfer for SFS programs.