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Advisors' Tools

We have put together a comprehensive toolbox for advisors. Our intention is to provide you with critical academic and research information necessary for course approval and credit transfer; in addition, you’ll find useful advising tools, as well as documents for you to download or share with students. Many of these tools can be found on this page as links or PDF downloads, or they can be easily ordered as hard copy documents here.

Request SFS Materials

We would be happy to ship you copies of our course catalog, as well as SFS flyers, posters and other advising materials. Click here to fill out a materials request form.

SFS Webinars

Click here to view recorded webinars and download presentations

SFS Powerpoint Presentations

We put together these presentations for faculty and advisors who would like to tell their students more about us with visual aids. These presentations include all of the basic information that a student interested in studying abroad would need to know to make an educated decision about pursuing a summer or semester abroad with SFS.
Click here for the SFS 101 PowerPoint Presentation

SFS Advising Booklet and Faculty Pack

These comprehensive booklets include information about the SFS program model and research, advising tips for working with students, and the research schematics. The Faculty Pack includes additional detailed information on student Directed Research projects, faculty publications, and a sample syllabus. Both booklets can also be ordered in hard copy.

Advising Booklet 2016-17

Faculty Pack 2016-17

Program Costs, Budget Sheets, and Financial Aid Application

Each year, SFS publishes the program costs and out-of-pocket expense budgets for the programs. Typically this is announced in March for the coming academic year.

Click here for Program Costs, Budget Sheets, and Financial Aid Application

Maintaining SFS Program Information on Your Website

We have created a single document with SFS program descriptions, links, and information which you can use to update the SFS listings on your website. We hope you will share this document with your webmaster or the individual who updates study abroad program listings on your site. We are also very happy to provide program photos upon request – please contact us at Please note that if your office uses StudioAbroad, we maintain updated listings for all of our programs.

Program Copy for Website Listings

Program Information: Syllabi, Program Manuals, and Field Prep Guides

These documents are helpful for students, advisors, and home school faculty. These are organized by program and can be found in the appropriate drop-down tabs below, as well as on the individual program pages. Please note that these documents are taken from the most recent iteration of each program, but are subject to future changes.

SFS Research

This overview provides a comprehensive understanding of research at SFS.

SFS Research Philosophy

Student Directed Research List

The student Directed Research (DR) projects are the culmination and highlight of the semester program. This list provides a snapshot of recent titles by program, home institution, and student.

Spring 2016 Directed Research Projects

Fall 2016 Directed Research Projects

Peer-Reviewed Publications by SFS Faculty, Staff, and Students

One component of the SFS mission is to contribute to the scientific community through the dissemination of research results through peer-reviewed publications and presentations at professional meetings. Our research is designed to be rigorous, accurate, relevant, and able to hold up to peer review. We invite you to read and reference the publications emerging from the research activities at our field stations over the years.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Internship Opportunities

Being an intern at an SFS field station is a rewarding, but intense experience. For many, this will be their first real work experience after college.

Click here for internship opportunities