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Meet the SFS Institutional Relations Team

We serve as the primary contacts to colleges and universities. Not only have we all had the eye-opening and transformative experience of studying abroad ourselves, and feel passionate about giving this opportunity to others, but we’re also dedicated to helping students see what our hands-on environmental research can do to better the areas where our centers are located, as well as bringing the knowledge learned home.

SFS values our relationships with colleges and universities and we work closely with study abroad advisors and faculty at each student's home institution to ensure that your students are taken care of from the moment we come to your campus, whether it’s in a class presentation, at a table in the union, at a table for a study abroad fair, at pre-departure sessions, or with an alum who works with us while we’re on campus, until your student has returned home from his or her summer or semester in the field.…and beyond. It’s an experience and a relationship that can last a lifetime.

The links and resources on the following pages will help answer your questions about our programs. Sometimes it's preferable to be in touch with a real person, so feel free to contact us by email or phone.