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Scholarship Reports

As part of their award contract, all School for Field Studies (SFS) Scholarship and Loan Fund recipients are required to write a report to SFS and their scholarship sponsors. The perfect time to begin writing your scholarship report is while your SFS experience is still fresh in your mind. Don't wait until the last minute!

Support for the SFS Student Scholarship and Loan Fund comes from donors who have a keen interest in education and the environment and are committed to providing young people from the U.S. an opportunity to work alongside local communities to sustainably manage their natural resources. The scholarship reports that our donors receive from SFS students provide an important personal link to the current SFS experience and motivate donors to continue, and in many cases increase, their scholarship support. The report that you write will have a direct impact on the ability of future students to participate in SFS programs. We truly appreciate your participation in these efforts.

Scholarship Report Guidelines

This report is the final requirement of your scholarship award. Your report should be approximately two to three pages in length. Please include  your full name, home institution, semester, location, and year.

The scholarship report is not a research paper, but rather a personal account of your experiences. Your report should convey to your sponsor the benefits you received from your SFS experience.

For your report, please choose one of the following topics:

1. An overall reflection on the entire SFS experience with an emphasis on what you have gained from the experience. Some areas you could cover include:

  • Local environmental problems and your role in addressing these issues
  • Field work and directed research
  • Your interactions with the local community
  • How your understanding of yourself and your relationship with the environment has developed
  • How SFS has influenced your future goals

2. A detailed account of one meaningful experience, including reflection on why this event is significant to your personal or professional growth.


Please submit your report via email as an attachment to Marta Brill at Let us know if you have any questions.

We are very grateful for your help in ensuring the future of the SFS Student Scholarship and Loan Fund. Thank you!