Final Impressions of SFS Panama

Alex Janssen University of Denver Anthropology and Criminology Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, Panama What did you like most about the SFS experience? Hands down the best part of this semester has been the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with students and staff here in Panama. Living in such a close-knit environment has really impacted the [...]

Snapshots of Panama

Krista, Sara and, Erin during a snorkel trip   Nicole and Jessie at La Loma Jungle Lodge

Techniques to Evaluate Marine Habitats

Annemarie Kramer, Dr. rer.nat. Resident Lecturer in Tropical Coastal Ecology Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, Panama We have spent the last few weeks learning about the coastal ecosystems of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago: its components and the organisms we can find within. A lot of our time was spent in the water identifying mangrove and [...]

Rainforests and Reefs

Sara Naghavi Davidson College Biological Sciences Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, Panama It is now somehow the middle of October. Over the past six weeks, we have learned a lot about both marine and rainforest organisms, as well as survey techniques. We have also visited communities on the surrounding islands and have gotten to play around [...]

Biodiversity At Our Fingertips

Caroline Hobbs Skidmore College Environmental Studies Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, Panama Our first month here in the Bocas del Toro archipelago has been a whirlwind of snorkel trips, nighttime bug catching, and excursions to various islands. It has been fascinating to be immersed in a culture so different from my own. Last Saturday we presented [...]

Sustainable Marketplaces

Julie Robinson, Ph.D. Resident Lecturer in Environmental Policy & Socioeconomic Values Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, Panama This week it was back to Panamá’s mainland to reconnect with Finca 51, home to a remarkable women’s artisanal cooperative that we were first introduced to last spring. As part of the Environmental Policy Directed Research project on community-based [...]


Sarah King Vassar College Environmental Studies Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, Panama First, I missed my flight. The doors were shut and they would not let me on board. I had sprinted across the Houston airport to no avail, only to be told my efforts were pointless simply because of a technicality of someone being too [...]

The Bocas Miracle

Claire Rosemond Program Intern SFS Alum, TCI Spring ’13 Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, Panama We, students and staff, have been a complete SFS family now for two weeks. As one of the interns, I was responsible for helping with the students’ transition from home life to center life. We thought we would start the first [...]

Bosque Viviente: Living Jungle

Leonor Ceballos, Ph.D. candidate Resident Lecturer in Natural Resource Management Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, Panama The Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies (TIBS) Principles of Resource Management course started with a nature walk through the grounds of Isla Solarte’s tropical rainforest. Almost a week after our course introduction lecture, it was about time to go out and [...]

Excitement and Curiosity

Name: Cinda Scott, Ph.D. Position: Center Director Program: Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies, Panama The Fall 2014 Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies (TIBS) cohort arrived in Panama City filled with excitement and curiosity. We quickly made our way from the hustle and bustle of the city to the lush jungles of Gamboa to begin our orientation. On [...]

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