From Caribbean Sunsets to Serengeti Sunrises

Name: Olivia Rivera School: Colby College Major: Biological Sciences SFS Programs: Turks & Caicos Islands Spring ’14; Tanzania Summer 1 ’14 In the past five months I have lived in two different countries in two different hemispheres, and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to a completely different continent. I spent my spring semester at the SFS [...]

Tanzanian National Parks

Name: Julia Geschke School: University of Maryland, College Park Major: Environmental Science Program: Wildlife Management & Conservation, Tanzania When is riding in cars not relaxing? When you’re in a safari car zooming around a national park, standing up on the seats to look out the roof (which pops up) and bruising your sides from bumping [...]

Our First Week in Tanzania

Name: Allison Guitard School: Anne Arundel Community College Major: Biological Sciences Program: Wildlife Management and Conservation, Tanzania I awake enclosed in netting, the unfamiliar banda temporarily disorienting. In Rhotia, the sun has not yet begun its ascent, and I’m greeted by the local mosque’s morning call to prayer. It is dark, and as I leave [...]

Final Impressions of SFS Kenya & Tanzania

Name: Sam Asper School: Bemidji State University Major: Biology, Wildlife Management Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Kenya & Tanzania What did you like most about the SFS experience? Everything. I’m in East Africa, shooing baboons with my slingshot every morning, waving to the Maasai children on my run, pulling Acacia thorns out of my shoes, and [...]

Final Impressions of SFS Kenya & Tanzania

Name: Marni Krehnbrink School: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Major: Biological Sciences Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania & Kenya After living almost 8,000 miles from home for the past three months, I am posed with the perplexing task of writing a final impression and it’s so hard to even find a place to begin. [...]

Whirlwind of Fieldwork

Name: Eller Mallchok School: Dickinson College Major: Biology Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Kenya & Tanzania We are four days into the Directed Research (DR) portion of our semester here in East Africa. Students working with Professor Kiringe are conducting research along the Kimana-Kikarankot River to assess water quality and availability; those working with Professor Shem [...]

The Endless Plains

Name: Samuel Katers School: University of Wisconsin-Madison Major: Biological Sciences Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania & Kenya After spending several months in East Africa, it has been hard for me to imagine how any new experience could possibly be able to surpass our previous adventures. However, the past four days of expedition in Serengeti National [...]

A Productive Meeting on Community Forest Reserve Research

Name: John Mwamhanga, M.S., Position: Resident Lecturer in Environmental Policy & Socioeconomic Values Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania One of the main components of the SFS program is Directed Research (DR) which has two sections. First, there is research itself which involves proposal write-up, field data collection, data analysis and report write-up. Second, there is [...]

From One School to Another

by Kiri Brenner (Student Affairs Manager) and Dr. Bernard Kissui (Center Director) Center for Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania Education in and of itself can build up entire communities by boosting the competence and confidence of the younger generation who will eventually have the ability to transform a community. If you want to give everyone a [...]

Finals, Banana Thieves, and Expedition

Name: Kathryn Coates School: Old Dominion University Major: Biological Sciences Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Kenya & Tanzania Time has gone by so fast and it’s sad to realize how soon we will be leaving our Kenyan home. There are so many things to be missed here at the Kilimanjaro Bush Camp (KBC). The wildlife in [...]

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