Birding on South Caicos

Kristen O’Connell University of Denver Psychology Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos Islands Last week marked the beginning of Directed Research (DR) projects. For the next month, we spend three days a week doing research in the field and the other two are dedicated to our curriculum’s second case study. This semester has all sorts [...]

Time To Go Back in the Water

Dr. Aaron C. Henderson Resident Lecturer in Marine Ecology Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos Islands It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the semester; time flies when you’re having fun! In the first half of our semester, students learned about the organisms that are found in the waters around South Caicos, [...]

Learning Through Experience

Shane Hunt Point Loma Nazarene University Environmental Science Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos Islands Growing up and learning out of a textbook has always been a bit strange to me. I would learn a concept or a fact but never would see this in action outside of the text. It seemed like a foreign [...]

Off-Campus Study Profile: Casandra Brocksmith

This post was originally published on DePauw University’s Live & Learn: The Hubbard Center Blog. Name: Casandra Brocksmith Off-Campus Study Program & Location: The School for Field Studies (SFS) Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) What did you study while off-campus?  Marine Resource Management How did you connect with your community off-campus?  SFS did a great [...]

Diving Into Work

by the Waterfront Assistant Interns: Anela Akiona, SFS Alum TCI Spring ’13 Connor Burke, SFS Alum TCI Spring ’13 Jess Bechhofer, SFS Alum TCI Spring ’13 Travis Gomez-Phillips, SFS Alum TCI Fall ’13 Emily Stokes, SFS Alum TCI Fall ’12 Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos Islands It feels like we never left. It has [...]

New Discoveries: In and Out of Class

Emily Volkmann Smith College Biological Sciences Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI) It has been three weeks since 35 almost complete strangers were brought together for a semester-long marine-based experience here on South Caicos. We wake up early to the sunlight reflecting off of the ocean and fall asleep to the sound of [...]

Updates from South Caicos

Heidi Hertler, Ph.D. Center Director Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI) The Center for Marine Resource Studies (CMRS) is thrilled to welcome back Kathy Lockhart (SFS Alum ’93) to our TCI team as the Resource Management lecturer.  Having worked for the TCI Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA) for nearly 10 years, [...]

First Impressions of SFS TCI

Name: Shayna Cohen School: Grinnell College Major: Biology Program: Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI) Why did you choose to study abroad with SFS? I was looking for a chance to conduct field research while abroad. The SFS program allows me to learn about a niche in my desired field while experiencing life [...]

Looking Back

Name: Molly Roe, M.A. Position: Student Affairs Manager The SFS Center for Marine Resource Studies Turks and Caicos Islands “Experiences like these don’t come very often,” Summer 1 2014 student Dewandre Smith noted a month after the program ended. SFS programs offer once in a lifetime opportunities for students. This is true even for those [...]

Summer Program Recap

Name: Heidi Hertler, Ph.D. Position: Center Director Program: Marine Protected Areas: Management Techniques & Policies, Turks & Caicos Islands The end of our Summer II program is quickly approaching, and students are busy working on their final research projects. Their questions will assess the performance of the East Harbour and Lobster Conch Reserve in protecting [...]

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