The Art of Composting Sprouts so Much Life

Name: Claire Fox Alma Matter: Dickinson ’11 Position: Intern Program: Sustainable Development Studies, Costa Rica Here in Costa Rica the season for mangos has just begun, and everywhere you will see swollen green and red fruit in the trees. Here it is popular to eat them green (under-ripe), drizzled with lime juice and salt; but [...]

The Famous Switch. Karibu!

Name: John Warui Kiringe, Ph.D. Position: Associate Professor in Wildlife Ecology Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Kenya Kibo was capped in snow and Mwenzi stood as a spire against the bright blue sky. Four green Land Cruisers convened in a jigsaw formation and the newly arrived students stood out of the hatches taking notes. The students [...]

A Long Awaited Expedition to Lake Nakuru National Park

Name: Karen Yeh School: Amherst College Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Kenya Our long-awaited expedition to Lake Nakuru National Park was, as promised, absolutely fantastic. The park is relatively small compared to Amboseli National Park, but it is entirely enclosed—in other words, it’s teeming with wildlife.

The Incredible Serengeti

Name: Jessica Spista School: Purdue University Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania to Kenya Today we arrived back to camp from the Serengeti. We left Sunday morning and left camp on Thursday. The trip was incredible, everyone had an amazing time and it is a very beautiful place. We were all able to see leopards for [...]

SFS Goes to Serengeti

Name: Christian Kiffner Position: Lecturer in Wildlife Management Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania Last week we went on expedition to one of the seven natural wonders of the world – the Serengeti. After an early start from Moyo Hill Camp, we traversed Ngorongoro Conservation Area and had an interesting educational stop over at Olduvai George [...]

Rainforest in the Savannah, Kangaroos, and the Oldest Movie Theater in Australia

Name: Jillian Spies School: University of Vermont Program: Tropical Rainforest Studies, Australia One of my favorite things we’ve done so far is camping in Chillagoe, a small old mining town in the drier part of Australia, many hours west of our home in the rainforest. We saw limestone caves formed from the time when that [...]

Students Experience Different Australian Ecosystems

Name: Dr. Sigrid Heise-Pavlov Position: Lecturer in Rainforest Ecology Program: Tropical Rainforest Studies, Australia During the last two weeks, students at The SFS Center for Rainforest Studies got an impression of the Australian outback and had a hands-on experience in research on invasive species. About 150km west from the Center is the small township Chillagoe [...]

In Rhythm with Our Surroundings in Costa Rica

Name: Hannah Morrison School: Boston University Program: Sustainable Development Studies, Costa Rica Si, simplificaramos nuestras vidas, sería más facilmente estar feliz,” - Gabriel Calderón    This week we found ourselves in the sublime agro-forest of the El Toledo Organic Coffee Farm. The natural beauty of agroforestry is reflected here in the quality of the coffee beans, [...]

We Can Learn a Lot by Traveling

Name: Dr. Achim Haeger Position: Lecturer in Natural Resource Management Program: Sustainable Development Studies, Costa Rica We can learn a lot by travelling, as we meet new people and experience different landscapes, cultures, and economic realities. Traveling also teaches us a lot about our own countries, because we start seeing things from a different perspective. [...]

If Not Me, Then Who?

Name: Hilary Ahearn SFS Program: Tanzania, Spring ’08 In 2008, SFS gave me an education that changed my life. My experience in Tanzania studying wildlife management and community conservation transformed how I interact with the world, and how I see myself. It worked as a catalyst in my mind. When I first arrived in Tanzania, I was [...]

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