Bhutan: An Ocean of Kids

Name: Rebecca Macies School: Cornell University Major: Natural Resource Management Program: Himalayan Forests, Watersheds, & Rural Livelihoods, Bhutan The only typical part about a day here in Bhutan is the sense of amazement that stops me at least once every day. This morning it was the blue sky and sun over the mountains as I [...]

Welcome to Summer One

Name: Gerardo Avalos, Ph.D. Position: Center Director Program: Sustaining Tropical Ecosystems, Costa Rica This first summer session, our Center received 21 students from a variety of universities and places around the United States. Summer 1 started with a trip to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica to get to know the tropical rainforest, as well [...]

An Entirely Different World

Name: Dave Ealy School: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Major: Biological Sciences Program: Rainforest Management Studies, Australia & New Zealand There is a reason Peter Jackson chose New Zealand to film The Lord of the Rings: it is an entirely different world. The landscape of New Zealand is something that every person should experience; it features [...]

At Home in our New Habitat

Name: Laura Maria Eagleston School: Humboldt State University Major: Wildlife Management Program: Wildlife Management & Conservation, Tanzania   Jambo from Tanzania! After having been here for over a week, we are all starting to feel at home at the Moyo Hill Camp. The staff has all been incredibly welcoming, and the nearby community is excited [...]

Sustainability in Action

Name: Jamie Hark School: George Washington University Major: Environmental Studies Program: Sustaining Tropical Ecosystems, Costa Rica After a great first week at The SFS Center for Sustainable Development Studies in Atenas, we set out to cross the daunting central range of Costa Rica for the Caribbean side of this beautiful tropical country. Our goal was [...]

Seasons and Migrations

Name: Christian Kiffner, Ph.D. Position: Resident Lecturer in Techniques of Wildlife Management Program: Wildlife Management & Conservation, Tanzania   The timing of the summer program coincides with the start of the dry season in northern Tanzania. This means cold temperatures at night and great opportunities to observe wildlife. Many of the migratory animals such as [...]

Right Tree – Right Place – Right Reason

  The spring 2012 students at The SFS Center for Rainforest Studies in Queensland, Australia created a stop motion environmental art project using Bananagrams, and inspired by TREAT (

Stream Cleaning of Jakar Rongchhu by SFS and UWICE Team

Name: Alyssa Cheung Position: Intern Program: Himalayan Forests, Watersheds, & Rural Livelihoods, Bhutan SFS Alum: SFS Bhutan, 2010 On June 16, 27 Bhutanese students from the Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) joined with 20 North American students from The School for Field Studies (SFS) gathered in Chamkhar to clean up Jakar Rongchuu, [...]

Alumni Profile: Jaime R. Calzada-Marrero

During my final year of my Master’s degree at the University of Puerto Rico, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I had been studying nanotechnology, but I didn’t want to pursue it as a career path. At the same time, I was on my way to becoming certified as a scuba instructor. One [...]

Tragedy of the Commons & the “M&Ms Game”

Name:  Charlotte de Fontaubert, Ph.D. Position: Lecturer in Environmental Policy & Socioeconomic Values Program: Marine Protected Areas: Management Techniques & Policies, Turks & Caicos   Academics are now in full swing at the Center, and we had a particularly fun session discussing the so-called “Tragedy of the Commons.” Rather than sit in a stifling hot [...]

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