Conducting Research and Making a Difference in the Tarangire-Manyara Ecosystem

Name: Christian Kiffner, Ph.D. Position: Resident Lecturer in Techniques of Wildlife Management Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania Having returned from the Serengeti Expedition, students embarked on the proposals for their individual research projects: conducting background literature research at the Camp, coming up with meaningful research questions and designing an adequate study design and field protocols. [...]

A Peek Inside the Maasai Boma

Name: Julia Frankenbach School: Mount Holyoke College Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Kenya I’m back from my first home-stay with the Maasai. What an incredible experience. The home-stay is a day-long experience in which you enter a Maasai homestead early morning and live with the household for an entire day, participating in the household chores, taking [...]

A Culture So Rich in Tradition

Name: Ashley Doria School: The Ohio State University Major: Environmental Studies Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Kenya to Tanzania Living so close to the Maasai people has given my group a unique opportunity to gain an inside look at a culture that no tourist would ever experience. Armed with 9 maybe 10 Swahili words, I and [...]


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