Reflecting on Sustainable Development in Nicaragua

Name: Megan Botel School: New York University Major: Environmental Studies Program: Sustainable Development Studies, Costa Rica The island of Ometepe was nothing like I had ever seen before. It was truly a glimpse into what life was like before it was bombarded with industry, globalization and development — a land where the notion of going [...]

Nicaragua: Different Cultural and Natural Settings

Name: Edgardo Arévalo, Ph.D. Position: Lecturer in Tropical Ecology Program: Sustainable Development Studies, Costa Rica  After a marvelous and successful international trip to Nicaragua, the students evaluated their experiences back here in Atenas. We all did what we do here in Costa Rica, but in very different and interesting cultural and natural settings. Our first [...]

The Land of the Motmot: SFS Takes On Nicaragua

Name: Virginia Farley School: Dickinson College Major: Environmental Science Program: Sustainable Development Studies, Costa Rica The Motmot, Nicaragua’s national bird, is a colorful, striking, and extraordinary example of the wonders we are exposed to in Central America. After spending a fantastic week across the border, I think we can all use such adjectives to describe [...]


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