SFS Center in Costa Rica is a Model of Sustainable Agriculture

Name: Gerardo Avalos, Ph.D. Position: Center Director Program: Sustainable Development Studies, Costa Rica For the third year in a row, The SFS Center for Sustainable Development Studies in Costa Rica passed the criteria of the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Farm certification. Since the certification was first obtained in the fall of 2011, the Center has maintained [...]

Book Review: Farm City

Novella Carpenter is an Urban Farmer. It’s a label she stumbles upon while carousing at a local speakeasy and it is a perfect fit to describe her unusual lifestyle. Novella may live in “the ghetto” of Oakland, California, but that doesn’t stop her from pursuing her agricultural dreams: from cultivating heirloom vegetables and fruit to [...]

Sustainability in Action

Name: Jamie Hark School: George Washington University Major: Environmental Studies Program: Sustaining Tropical Ecosystems, Costa Rica After a great first week at The SFS Center for Sustainable Development Studies in Atenas, we set out to cross the daunting central range of Costa Rica for the Caribbean side of this beautiful tropical country. Our goal was [...]

Center Citrus Trees Yield Educational Resources

Name: Dr. Achim H├Ąger Position: Lecturer in Natural Resource Management Program: Sustainable Development Studies, Costa Rica Today, I organized a field experiment with the objective to set up a monitoring protocol for the condition of our fruit trees together with our students. Unsurprisingly, insect damage and fungal diseases have been increasing since we banned pesticides. [...]


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