Alumni Profile: Kate Mansfield

Dr. Kate Mansfield TCI Spring’ 91 is a marine scientist and sea turtle biologist at the University of Central Florida. She and her team have recently published a paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B on the whereabouts of baby sea turtles during their “lost years”—the time spent between hatching on the beach and [...]

Alumni Profile: David Bennett

Name: David Bennett Education: BS in Geographic Information Science, James Madison University; MA in International Development & Social Change, Clark University; MBA in Sustainable Business Management, Presidio Graduate School SFS Program: Mexico Summer ‘97; SFS Intern Mexico Spring ‘98 Current Position: Green Team Operations & Innovations Lead at Google Why did you choose SFS as [...]

SFS Was Just the Beginning

By Anne Rosinski SFS TCI Spring ‘07 2013 NOAA Coral Reef Management Fellow Cramming for final presentations; the last snorkel at your favorite reef site; jamming sweaty, salty, dirty clothes back into your suitcase; and tearful goodbyes to friends and colleagues that have shared every minute of your experience over the last four months…this is [...]

Alumni Profile: SJ Byce, TCI Fall ’10

I left the island of South Caicos in December of 2010, and my journeys since — from South Caicos to Virginia to North Carolina to Idaho to Chile — have all involved, in some way, a continuation of the academic projects and experiential leaning principles introduced to me at the SFS Center for Marine Resources. [...]

Alumni Profile: Jen Ryan

SFS alumna Jen (Loose) Ryan Costa Rica Spring ’94 learned a lot from riding the buses through Central America, even if she did not realize it at the time. “Looking at the massive erosion from certain agricultural practices gave me a sense of how important good environmental laws and regulations are. I saw for myself [...]

Alumni Profile: Becky Halvorsen

Becky Halvorsen, SFS East Africa Fall ’10, has a thrilling story about camping in the Serengeti: “One of the night guards, named Askari Bora, spoke hardly any English but he made fantastic animal noises,” she said. “He did a particularly awesome hyena impression. ‘Fisi hehehehehehe, Askari Bora BAM BAM BAM,’ he would say, while pantomiming [...]


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