Hands-on Academics in Tanzania

Name: John Mwamhanga Position: Lecturer in Environmental Policy and Socioeconomics Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania In this period, apart from attending class lectures as usual, students were involved in traveling lectures whereby they visited several areas within the Tarangire-Manyara ecosystem. They were exposed to land-use changes and human activities in the lake Manyara catchment and [...]

Student Animal Counts Make Scientific Posters

Name: Christian Kiffner, Ph.D. Position: Lecturer in Wildlife Management Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania How many elephants, giraffes, zebras, and wildebeest roam in Tarangire National Park? Which habitats are used by each species? How many mammalian wildlife species are found in this area? To address these central questions students conducted a vehicle transect count in [...]


Name: Chris Prestridge School: Shippensburg University Major: Biological Sciences Program: Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania to Kenya Tanzania: Hiking to the top of Moyo Hill, you pass by an array of birds which fly from shrub to shrub; mousebirds squeak as you approach; fiscals are perching on a nearby stump; wagtails run away without too much [...]

Tree Climbing Lions, Dik Diks, Hippos, and More!

Wildlife Management Studies, Tanzania   Academic Update It’s now about two weeks since the semester began, and everybody has been up and running as the students are now fully settled in the new environment. The academic program here involves classroom lectures, field lectures, field exercises and field trips on core areas of wildlife management techniques, [...]


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