Alumni Profile: Kate Mansfield

Dr. Kate Mansfield TCI Spring’ 91 is a marine scientist and sea turtle biologist at the University of Central Florida. She and her team have recently published a paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B on the whereabouts of baby sea turtles during their “lost years”—the time spent between hatching on the beach and [...]

Vet Clinic Great Success On South Caicos

Name: Amanda Greenstein Position: Waterfront Intern Program: Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos Islands SFS Alum: Turks & Caicos, Spring 2011 Living in the United States, it is easy to forget that there are dogs and cats in the world that live a much less fortunate life than our pets. When students first arrive at [...]

Diving and Data Collection

Name: Alyssa Thornton School: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Major: Natural Resource Management Program: Marine Resource Management Studies, Turks & Caicos As of April 4, I have officially been on South for two months! I can’t believe how fast this semester is going and we only have a little over a month left. This place has [...]

SFS Was Just the Beginning

By Anne Rosinski SFS TCI Spring ‘07 2013 NOAA Coral Reef Management Fellow Cramming for final presentations; the last snorkel at your favorite reef site; jamming sweaty, salty, dirty clothes back into your suitcase; and tearful goodbyes to friends and colleagues that have shared every minute of your experience over the last four months…this is [...]

Alumni Profile: SJ Byce, TCI Fall ’10

I left the island of South Caicos in December of 2010, and my journeys since — from South Caicos to Virginia to North Carolina to Idaho to Chile — have all involved, in some way, a continuation of the academic projects and experiential leaning principles introduced to me at the SFS Center for Marine Resources. [...]

South Caicos – ‘Beautiful by People’

Name: Edward Hind, Ph.D. Position: Resident Lecturer in Environmental Policy & Socioeconomic Values Program: Marine Resource Studies, Turks and Caicos Islands   Recent SFS CRMS alumni will understand straight away what I mean when I say “beautiful by people.” The current advertising slogan of the Turks and Caicos tourist board is “beautiful by nature,” understandably [...]

As the Tan Lines Fade

Name: Meredith Brown School: Wake Forest University Major: Business Program: Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos As our time here on South Caicos comes to a close, so much has changed over the last three months.  Living in a developing country has both its advantages and its challenges.  Coming here I wanted to challenge myself: [...]

SFS Announces 2012 Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to Juliana Mayhew on taking the top prize in our photo contest! Over the past year, SFS students around the world captured images of their time in the field. We asked students to submit shots that portrayed the “observer and the observed,” and we received hundreds of incredible shots featuring professors, classmates, and community [...]

Marine Conservation Outreach and Fun on South Caicos

Name: Kate Berge Position: Student Affairs Manager Program: The SFS Center for Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos Islands In early November, The School for Field Studies Center for Marine Resource Studies in the Turks and Caicos hosted over 100 South Caicos schoolchildren for “Sea Day.” The concept of “Sea Day” arose in October, when a [...]

First Impressions of SFS Marine Resource Studies, Turks & Caicos

Name: Sophie Wasserman School: Vassar College Major: Environmental Studies Why did you choose to study abroad with SFS? I chose to study with SFS for two reasons. First, my school would accept a biology credit from SFS.  Second, and more important, I wanted to do a program on the water where I could also learn [...]


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