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The SFS Center for Wildlife Management Studies


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Moyo Hill Camp

The SFS Center for Wildlife Management Studies operates from two field stations in East Africa, the Kilimanjaro Bush Camp (KBC) in Kenya and the Moyo Hill Camp (MHC) in Tanzania. In 2010, SFS built the Moyo Hill Camp in Tanzania. Located near the Manyara area, MCH is a ten minute drive from Lake Manyara National Park and a half hour from the famous Ngorongoro National Park. This wonderfully scenic area, world-renowned for its beauty, geography, history and wildlife, is perched on an escarpment overlooking the Rift valley and the Ngorongoro Hills, with plenty of hiking trails to enjoy. The Center facilities include a computer room and wireless Internet, bandas with bunk beds as student dorms, a raised gazebo, running path around the perimeter of the site, a vegetable and herb garden, and hot showers.


  • Moses Makonjio Okello, Ph.D.

    Moses Makonjio Okello, Ph.D.

    Senior Director, East Africa / Center Director, Kenya 

  • John Njau Wainaina

    John Njau Wainaina

    IT Coordinator 

  • Fausta Massawe

    Fausta Massawe

    Program Assistant 

  • Grace Mkomwa

    Grace Mkomwa

    Temporary Resident Swahili Instructor 

  • Bernard Kissui, Ph.D.

    Bernard Kissui, Ph.D.

    Center Director 

  • Dickson AM

    Dickson AM "Dick" Kabudi, M.B.A.

    Site Manager 

  • John Mwamhanga, M.S.

    John Mwamhanga, M.S.

    Resident Lecturer in Environmental Policy & Socioeconomic Values 

  • Kiri Brenner, B.A.

    Kiri Brenner, B.A.

    Student Affairs Manager 

  • John Kioko Masila, Ph.D.

    John Kioko Masila, Ph.D.

    Associate Professor in Wildlife Ecology 

  • Christian Kiffner, Ph.D.

    Christian Kiffner, Ph.D.

    Deputy Director/ Lecturer in Techniques of Wildlife Management