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The Benefits of Studying Abroad with SFS

Congratulations! Your student has chosen to embark on a meaningful and life changing experience. You may have some questions about what effect a School for Field Studies (SFS) program will have on your student. There are many ways that studying abroad with SFS will impact your student, and all of them will stay with your student for the rest of his or her life.

Personal Development

Students will gain a global perspective and change their opinions about the world around them as they experience a culture completely different from their own. Learning about another culture can also help students to better understand their own culture, including cultural values and biases. This will influence their interactions with people from a different culture during their time abroad and when they return to the States. During SFS programs, students live in tight-knit communities with faculty and staff native to the countries where we operate, and they engage in various community interaction and outreach activities. Students also learn how to work as a team and see past each other’s differences, resulting in increased maturity and self-confidence.

Academic Commitment

During SFS programs students are not just sitting in a classroom. The interdisciplinary academic schedule consists of field trips, field work, field lectures, and classroom lectures. Students learn about issues happening in their immediate surroundings, which often results in an enhanced interest in academic study. In countries with a foreign language, students have the opportunity to use the language on a day to day basis, reinforcing their commitment to foreign language study.

Moving Toward Career Goals

SFS offers unique opportunities for students to learn important field skills and techniques, and enables them to pursue their own research projects contributing to important environmental issues in the communities in which we operate. Many SFS students believe they are interested in field-based careers, and SFS gives them the chance to experience what it is like to work in the field, giving them a better clarity of future goals. SFS programs can also ignite a career path that a student may have not even considered beforehand. Potential employers will be impressed by an applicant with international field experience, proving he or she has learned skills such as commitment, flexibility, and self motivation.

Making Connections

During SFS programs, students grow close to their peers, faculty, program staff, and local community members who all impact their experience in a different way. Students often stay in touch with these people for their rest of their lives. Students will make important connections with professionals in the environmental studies field who may open up opportunities for future endeavors. Many SFS alumni apply for internships with us, and end up gaining valuable experience to jumpstart their careers.