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Travel Arrangements

Students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and for paying for travel to and from the program. There are many choices: they may wish to book a ticket over the Internet, through their local travel agent, or by working with Advantage Travel Agency to book a seat on the group flight arranged by SFS for semester and summer programs. SFS Admissions Counselors can provide group flight or individual flight information about halfway through the semester before a student studies abroad.

Advantage Travel and Group Flights

Students are not required to travel on the group flight when one is offered, nor is it guaranteed to be the cheapest flight available. However, there are a number of benefits to joining the SFS group flights (if offered), including:

  • They can take advantage of group ticket rates.
  • Their itinerary is guaranteed to meet the group pickup/drop off program schedule.
  • Advantage Travel has some influence with airlines to make ticket adjustments in the event of last-minute program date changes or cancellation, lost tickets, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Advantage Travel is familiar with SFS programs.
  • This will be one-stop shopping for your travel plans, both to and from the program, and for other trips if you plan to travel during a break or pre/post-program.
  • It will be fun to begin travels with fellow SFS students!

Making Travel Plans on the Internet or through a Local Travel Agent

Students must arrive at the pickup location on time! All travel plans that are not made through Advantage Travel must be reviewed and approved by the student’s SFS Admissions Counselor prior to purchase. The Advantage Travel Agency group flight schedule determines the program meeting time at the destination airport, as well as the program departure time and place. SFS staff members meet the group at the airport at the time of the group flight and coordinate transportation to the center.

Regardless of whether the ticket is purchased through Advantage Travel or another agent, SFS is not responsible for reimbursing travel expenses for programs cancelled or rescheduled due to acts of war or civil unrest, acts of God, strikes, weather, quarantine/epidemics/sickness, government regulations, or failure of equipment, power, or communications. Therefore, The School routinely does not authorize its designated agent to issue tickets until 30 days prior to the start of a program.

If your student opts to travel before or after your program, he or she should be sure to check with immigration officials regarding his or her visa status. If your student is planning to travel anywhere other than back to the US after the program is completed, he or she should try to make travel arrangements before departing for the program as communication options with travel agents will be more limited once they reach the SFS center. Please note that there is a cost for changing dates or itineraries—check directly with Advantage Travel, your travel agent, or the airline, depending on where the ticket was booked.