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Message from the President

Dear Friends,

As you look through The School for Field Studies' website, I hope you come away with a sense of our mission, which is to provide a rigorous research-based study abroad program in the field of environmental studies. Our goal is to augment your campus experience in two ways that are central to a comprehensive undergraduate education: the completion of a rigorous, Directed Research project and an in-depth exposure to a culture other than your own.

On our programs, you will experience first-hand the challenges of field research in a wide range of topics that are at the center of research and policy decisions regarding the environment for nations spanning the globe. Thus your study with SFS comes at a critical juncture as people, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and goverments worldwide seek sustainable economic development strategies that preserve the earth's natural resources and ecosystems for our current well-being, as well as that of generations to come. It is no small challenge.

We welcome you to join the effort.

With best wishes,

James A. Cramer